Bethany Gosvener // Portland, Or. Artist

Currently blending graphite on pieces of paper which practically reach the ceiling, I begin to make public the lengthy list of creative imagery I’ve long kept hidden within my mind. Though ever evolving, these concepts consistently explore perceptions of self, perceptions of others, apathy, mental health, shame, fear, and beauty. I aim to produce works which will intrigue and captivate in terms of technique, minimal design and concept.

What a beautiful thing, these intricate minds we have which can analyze, observe and process. I am often amazed and inspired by every bit of that which surrounds me; music, philosophy, literature, atmosphere, texture, fashion, my own experiences and that of others, conversations, unspoken interactions, and the way nature humbles my soul.

My desire to create stems deeply from my passion to see people accept and embrace what it means to be human. I believe this world poisons us from a young age with a seed of shame. This seed grows in abundance as we are taught by example to embrace it. This constant stream of fear runs through our veins, doing it's best to drown out any awareness of our hearts deepest longings for connection. I watch this fear cripple the lives of those I love, dictating and defining them. Keeping everyone at arms length, we strive to save ourselves from ever experiencing the great power of intimacy which we were created to feel. I refuse to give into this ever lurking temptation to numb it all out, refuse to choose to live in that safe place of loneliness. Though I am not perfect, I will forever strive to feel, to embrace what is real within me with forgiveness, love and acceptance.

In that place of honesty I am free, free to live unashamed in what it means to be human, and in that honesty I hope to free others as well.